HD TV on your iPad

I’ve messed around trying to watch, record, and edit TV on mobile devices for years. For the most part unsuccessfully. Recently I think I’ve found the perfect solution.

Here’s what you’ll need to have: 1) An Apple iPad (either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+3G), 2). An Elgato HD-TV “box”, 3). An Elgato H.264.HD processor stick, 4). The Elgato EyeTV app from Apple’s app store and finally a HD TV video source such as a cable TV or satellite “box.”

Since the Elgato HD-TV “box” really isn’t a TV tuner (like their other products), but simply provides a conduit for the cable or satellite “box” the signal is sharp and clear and does not eat up CPU cycles on your Mac.

The included EyeTV 3.x software is mature, stable, and easy-to-use providing an electronic TV Guide (1 year subscription included), DVR scheduling (single episode or series), library function of recorded programs. Plus, of course, live TV viewing of both SD and HD channels.

Although a Elgato H.264.HD processor USB “stick” is not required it does make a significant difference in the the host Mac because it “off-loads” much of the hardware functions like ripping and serving the video portion of the signal. DVR “ripping” of videos into iPad or iPhone formatted files is significantly faster using this device.

Elgato offers universal software apps that work on both the iPhone (and iTouch) as well the iPad that provides viewing, editing, and scheduling your TV. Use it on your local Wi-Fi network, or from a remote location over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Elgato provides a complete and elegant solution to watching SD and HD television and recordings on Mac and a variety of IOS devices. A very good “system” indeed!

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