B&N nook color update soon!

It seems that the rumor mill is heating up with Barnes & Noble Nook Color update web posts growing by the hour. Already a tremendous value at $249 the update to Android 2.2 should make the Nook Color the hottest tablet device since the iPad.

Rumors are flying that Barnes & Noble corporate nook account reps and technical support staff are being trained tomorrow, Monday April 25. Hopefully the free over-the-air WiFi update will begin soon after Monday’s training. HSN customers have been told that they are first in line to receive the update, but that’s bound to upset the folks who bought the Nook Color at B&N stores and Best Buy.

If rumors come true then a new B&N branded app store, NetFlix player, Angry Birds, Adobe’s Flash and perhaps dozens of other Android apps will make the Nook Color the bargain Android tablet of the year.

The Nook Color comes with an 800 MHz TI processor, 8 gigs of storage, a high-resolution 7 inch color touch screen, WiFi (B,N,G), MicroSD card slot and more.

B&N has trained “Nook Smart” Digital Booksellers in each of its 705 stores in all 50 states. If the upgrade goes smoothly there will over 3,000,000 very happy existing Nook Color owners, with millions more waiting to make a purchase at just $249. Good luck to HP, BlackBerry, Samsung, Motorola, Acer and other tablet makers beginning at $499.

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