Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire: The Dust Begins to Settle

Barnes & Noble has been blessed. The majority of the tech reporters, pundits, curmudgeons and reviewers have now had time to play with the new Amazon Kindle Fire and the new B&N Nook Tablet. And the winner appears to be… 
The Nook Tablet. The reason? There are many: 

  1. The new Fire web browser is slow and awkward.
  2. The Fire is locked into 8GB of storage on the device. It cannot be expanded. the Nook Tablet comes with 16GB of storage and has a MicroSD slot that can accept up to 32GB card for a maxed out total of 48GB. Both have “cloud” services.
  3. The Nook Tablet has a 20%+ longer battery life.
  4. Most tech reviewers felt the Nook Tablet’s screen was sharper for movies, magazines and books.
  5. Barnes & Noble has had three years to perfect its touch user interface. Amazon’s touch UI is 1st generation and looks and feels it.
  6. Don’t under estimate the power of over 700 brick and mortar B&N stores with tens of thousands of trained digital booksellers vs Amazon’s out-sourced tech support.
  7. For about $80. per year you can buy Amazon’s media services package. Barnes & Noble took the Ala Carte menu system where you can pick from well over a dozen various media services – some free, some with monthly charges.

Barnes & Noble stayed the course and simply made a new more advanced Nook with over a hundred new features, while Amazon chartered new waters with a completely new UI, borrowed hardware, plenty of advertising and a great low price. 
My money is on B&N, good job guy’s. 

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