Nook apps. Great selection and good prices!

I’ve been amazed how the quantity and quality of apps for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and Nook Tablet have steadily grown over the past few months.

As of today (February 9, 2012) the B&N Nook app store is closing in on 3,000 apps.  Sure, it is a long way from Apple’s 500,000+ apps, but how many versions of a solitare app does a guy really need?

Barnes & Noble has its own app store not the Android Marketplace. The company tests and makes sure that each app will run properly on the Nooks before posting.  App upgrades are free and automatically found, downloaded and installed.

You will most of the hot apps including: Angry Birds, NetFlix, Hulu +, Word Press, QuickOffice Pro, Words with Friends and thousands more.

The user experience is similar to Apple’s IOS where the hardware, software and operating system all work together.

If you’re a B&N Member you qualify for a $50 coupon that brings the final price of a Nook Color to $149.99, or a Nook Tablet to $199.99. Think 3 Nook Colors for less than the price of 1 Apple iPad. The coupon mailed to B&N Members in early February expires on February 29, 2012. Barnes & Noble home page

B&N Nook Color

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