Why I love my Nook

Ok, so let’s be right up front about this… I work for Barnes & Noble. I sell Nooks for a living. So I have to love Nooks, right? No, but I do.

I am an admitted technaholic. My wife would say that “technology is his drug of choice.” I’ve got three Nooks, an iPad, an iPhone, a Mac and a PC.

Why do I prefer Nooks? It’s simple really. Because Nooks are powerful, best in class, fast, reliable, easy to use and have great media choices, and cost hundreds of dollars less than other tablets.

But perhaps the best reason is little old me. Our Digital Booksellers are thoroughly trained and experienced in selling and training our customers on how to use a Nook. We provide both group and “1 on 1” personal training.

Plus we know that our customers will get the same level of support at all 700 of our stores.

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