New ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Nook HD+

A few notes about my new Ionic bluetooth keyboard/case for my Nook HD+. 

I really like a lot of things about it.  I like the kickstand, the position of the screen in relationship to the keyboard.  I also like the fact that the keyboard comes off the keyboard using a magnet so that you can make an already light case – lighter.

The case itself is real leather. Split leather to be sure, but real leather, lightly padded.   Very warm and comfortable to touch, hold, or type upon. Buttery soft grained black leather with tan leather trim.

The keyboard touch is just “OK.”  The keys are laid out pretty well, but the response is a little slow and not as positive as I would like.  Sometimes you push a letter and it doesn’t show up on the screen. A firm touch seems to give the best results.  Maybe it just needs to break in!

I’m a right handed “shifter” meaning I use the right hand “shift” key.  Using this keyboard that is a problem since the right “shift” key is very small and just to the right of the “PgUp (Line Up)” key.  I keep hitting the page up key by misktake when I’m trying to use the right shift key and find myself typing letters somewhere above where I want to be.

The special function keys work well.  There are keys for back, home, screen lock, mail, select all, copy, cut, paste, volume up, volume down, play/pause, track back, track forward, home, end, and delete.

The device paired easily with my Nook HD+. The Nook itself is held very securely in a custom designed case section, but can be removed easily once the Velcro “lock” is lifted.  While in the case all ports are easy to reach and use – sleep/wake, volume up/down, headphone, USB (the HDTV connector fits while the case is on). You can even get to the MicroSD card port!

So how much is this marvel of elegance, simplicity, style and function?  $34.95 plus shipping.  Yes, you read correctly – $34.95.  How to find … surf over to the web site.  Search for: “ionic bluetooth keyboard Nook HD+”

Oh,  BTW this review was written using the ionic bluetooth keyboard/case for the Nook HD+ and the word processing was done with Office Suite Pro for the Nook.

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