“Mixed” Technology Families

Digital life is not as simple as it used to be!  Many of todays tech families have a mix of Apple, Amazon, Android, Kindle, Nook, Samsung, HTC, iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

Apple, for what people consider a closed system, is amazingly open about what apps are carried in its “Apps Store.”  For example in Apple’s store I can find the Amazon Cloud Drive Photo app that lets me get to ALL my photos on any (and most all the rest) listed in the first paragraph.  But if I go to the Google Play Store or the Amazon Store I can’t find a iCloud app or an iPhoto app or other app that will let me access my streaming photos on iCloud.

Same thing with Amazons MP3 music store.  It’s available on Apple, but Apple’s iTunes music store is not available on Android, Kindle or Nook.

Amazon is making a huge push for cloud services.  Apple is too.  So is DropBox, Box.net and a dozen other cloud service companies.

Apple needs to develop Android apps (and probably Microsoft Mobile apps too) that allow its services like iCloud, iTunes Match, iTunes, and others to work.

Apple used to be the underdog.  Now its the fat cat.

Am I an Apple fan boy? Yes!  Am I getting more than a little concerned that they are loosing their technical and creative edge? YES!

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