Part 1: The iTech Geezer and Hearing Aids

OK. That day has come. And gone. I'll admit it, I've needed hearing “instruments” (aids) for years. I know I have been missing out on conversations, TV and movie dialogs, the soft spoken voices of my grandchildren and much more.

There have been a lot of stumbling blocks that have kept me from getting HA's (as they say in the trade.) Stuff like – ego, price, and of course which brand and model is techie enough for me.

I've been an Apple “fanboy” since the Apple II. I've pretty much owned every Apple device from Mac's to Newton's to IOS devices. I'm used to paying the premium dollar for what I believe to be a technologically superior device. I've also owned and used a variety of Windows and Android devices.

HA's (hearing aids) cost anywhere from $29.95 (junk) to $7,500.00 (better junk). Don't even bother searching Google for “what's the best brand…” or “who gives the best service…” You will find dozens of surveys, reports, and curses from users world-wide. Most are unhappy with their brand choice and service experience.

No use complaining that your latest iPhone 5s costs $699 (and up) un-subsidized and that the HA's you are considering costs over $5,000.00 The HA service provider will tell you that the miniaturization of the device and programming and adjustments require the high dollar expenditure.

I rolled the dice and ended up buying the “best” device that Miracle-Ear currently offers. The device SEEMS to be very similiar to one that is actually made by Siemen's. Am I happy with it? To soon to tell – the jury is still out. I've only had it for a few days (less than one week). I like the local service provider. I've gone to a couple of meetings with it, a movie, to church and around home. My hearing is improved, no doubt about it. I'm about to have my first “adjustment” appointment. I'm looking at switching a couple of accessories.

Tune in a couple of weeks for “Part 2.” Feel free to submit your questions or personal experience with HA's. I'd love to hear them.



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