My life with hearing aids – Part 2

Hmmm… Well it is two weeks later and the jury has come back on my new hearing experience. My “Miracle-Ears” are fine. They are easy to put in, take out, change the batteries, et cetra. I can wear them 4-6 hours and then need to take a break.

Certain noises – dog barks, paper crinkleing, auto road noise – bugs me, but hopefully the aids can be fine tuned to diminish that. The crispness (clarity) of voices I hear has significantly improved.

I am impressed, from a technology point of view, how well they work and how reliable they are. They work great with my iPhone 5s in terms of using the iPhone as a phone and also as a speech and music player. It is good way to listen to podcasts and audio books. The audio tracks of movie and TV shows are very understandable. The quality of music is another matter. The hearing aids were designed for speech, not the tonal frequencies of music. Music sounds like you are listening through a Cambell's soup can. If I really want to listen to music – and enjoy it – I still prefer to take my hearing aids out of my ears and use traditional over-the-ear studio style head phones.

I'm still waiting (hopefully this coming week) for a new wireless transmitter that is properly paired with my Miracle-Ear BlueTooth remote so that I can use it with my flat panel television.

Bottom line, for what they were designed for, my Miracle-Ear hearing aids have improved the clarity of the voices I hear. And for that they are wonderful.

In 2014 many quality hearing aid manufacturers will start to offer “Made for Apple iPhone” certified devices. These aids will work directly with the iPhone as a two piece solution. Current offerings require a three piece solution which is the wireless remote as the BlueTooth transceiver that links the iPhone to the hearing aid. You may want to wait a few months to see how this solution works out especially considering the high cost of investing in your hearing.

Drop a reply or a note if you have questions.


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