If I were on a deserted island…

I’ve got way too much tech. Smart phones, tablets, e-book readers, computers, video streamers and lots more.

But if I had to be on a deserted island with just one device which one would it be?

No doubt about it I would want to have my iPad Air and a Zagg Folio keyboard. Okay, maybe technically that is two devices. But the Zagg Folio “feels” like it was designed and built by Apple. It really seems like the two are synergistic.

The combination of the two is unsurpassed in terms of size, weight, and usability. A perfect “duo” if you will.

I’ve used keyboard/case/folio keyboards since my first iPad way back in 2010. Most were clumsy, cheap, unreliable, and quite frankly just not very usable.

But as Apple has matured over the past five iterations of the iPad so has Zagg in its development of keyboards, folios and cases.

The new Zagg Folio keyboard, specifically designed for the iPad Air is just about perfect. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. It’s a perfect “fit” for the iPad Air. The iPad easily pops into and out of the top “shell” of the Folio case. I sometimes like to use my iPad Air “wild and free” – simply to read some magazines, web sites, and apps that are best viewed in portrait orientation.

2. The keyboard is close to perfection. “Island” style keys are not cramped and do not require modifier keys for normal functions like letters, numbers, tabs, caps lock, etc.

3. A complete row of dedicated keys for iPad special functions like Siri, screen lock, home button, cut/copy/paste, volume up/down and more are provided.

4. Backlit keyboard with a dedicated button for on/off and a simple way to change change the three brightness levels. A simple key combination lets you change several different backlit color combinations for the keys.

5. A dedicated keyboard battery level key that visually shows how much battery power is left.

6. The keyboard automatically turns on the iPad Air’s backlight when you open the case, and turns it off when you close the case.

7. The Folio case “looks” and “feels” like it was engineered by Apple. Solid, comfortable, reliable – almost perfect.

8. The screen viewing angle is adjustable and provides a very good viewing angle(s).

9. The Zagg Folio provides reasonable protection from accidental drops and as a way to keep you device clean and safe as you place it in a messenger bag, back-pack, purse or other type of carry bag.

10. The price of $99.00 seems fair for the quality and value provided.


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