Microsoft as a “Trojan Horse”

Over the last six months (October 2013 – March 2014) Microsoft has indeed looked more and more like the fabled “Trojan Horse.”

No one is more “pro” Apple than I am. As we used to say (when Apple’s logo was colored) “I bleed in six colors.” And I still do.

But earlier this week I purchased my first Microsoft stock. Why, you might ask… Well here are a few things that you might want to give consideration to concerning all the “hub bub”:

• A singularity of OS. More and more it appears that Microsoft is bringing all of their OS’s together. Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Mobile and more.
• Broadening their hardware experience by developing tablet PC’s such as their own Surface brand tablet.
• Buying a large piece of Nokia for the experience of developing mobile hardware.
• Making key Microsoft software available to the “enemy” (Apple) users for Mac and IOS devices. Such software as OneNote and soon Office 365 for the iPad. Think of what this means to the many corporations that were holding out on the iPad because it lacked the ability to use Microsoft Office.
• A new CEO from outside the company that appears to be very bright, full of new ideas and is a proven business leader.

Will Microsoft be the next “comeback kid?” Some think so and their stock is beginning to head North again for the fist time in years. Watch for a series of announcements beginning on March 27th. You may want to purchase a share or two before those announcements begin.


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