News360 is a great news app – here’s why…


News360 is a great news app for just about every mobile device out there. Sure there are plenty of news apps from all the major news sources like NBC, Fox, NPR, AP and dozens more. But what makes News360 different is its ability to gather news about any story from dozens of news sources from around the world. For example recently Hillary Clinton got a shoe thrown at her from an irritated person at a news conference. With News360 you can read what NBC – and the BBC, and dozens of other news services from around the globe – all in one place.

Also News360 can be customized to show you news about just what YOU are looking for or what business YOU are in. Finally the app can push the resulting news that you Star or Favorite to dozens of other apps like OneNote, EverNote, email, Twitter, Tumblr and many others.

A very flexible solution to gathering the news that YOU are looking for and disseminating it to the sources that YOU want it to go to. You can find News360 in the Apple App Store for FREE.


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