Simple Automation for IOS


I recently discovered a simple way to automate a lot of things I do each day. An app named IFTTT which is pronounced the same way as “Lift” without using the “L”. IFTTT means – “If This, Then, That” which of course means that if something is triggered (this) then perform the following (that) action.

IFTTT has developed a simple “recipe” system that performs all the work and alleviates the user (you) from having to write computer code to do all the work.

A few examples:

* You perform a screen grab from your iPad screen and want that grab to be sent automatically to Evernote or OneNote.
* You want the days weather to be texted or emailed to you first thing each morning.
* You just wrote and posted this blog article to WordPress and now want the same article to be automatically posted to your Tumblr blog.

There a thousands of pre-written IFTTT recipes using dozens of different apps all waiting for you to use for free within the app (the app is available for both iPhones and iPads at a one time cost of $1.99 in Apples App Store.)

If you want to “roll-your-own” recipes you can do that within the app by simply following the one screen prompts to pick the app that triggers and the app that then carries out what you want it to do.

Very cool!

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