Taco Bell Breakfast and Technology


I’ve just finished my first breakfast at Taco Bell. The chain recently added breakfast items to its menu and their advertising sucked me in.

What does this have to do with senior mobile technology (the usual subject of this blog)? Not much, but at least I’m writing this post using my iPad and Zagg keyboard and able to post it using AT&T’s wonderful 4G LTE network (Taco Bell is too cheap to offer Wi-Fi as a courtesy to its customers like McDonald’s and others – but I digress…)

How WAS breakfast at Taco Bell. Well, taken from a Seniors standpoint it was hot, tasty and cheap.

I had a Sausage “Waffle Taco” (with the optional FREE syrup) – not bad – the waffle part was a little rubbery and tough – overall not bad. I also sprang for a hash brown patty, a 2 pack of Mini-Cinnabon, and a cup of regular coffee. The total? Without Michigan State Sales Tax of 6% it was $5.48. Not bad – and it surely beats “Bob Evans” where a similar breakfast cost me over $12.00 – bad Bob bad!!!

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