OneNote for Mac adds printing and more…


What? Two Microsoft blogs in less than one week? Yikes! I’m an Apple guy, so what’s the buzz today?

Microsoft released OneNote version 15.1 for the Mac today. It adds a bunch of new features like:

1). The ability to print – WhooHoo! Now you can print individual pages or your whole notebook.
2). You can also save to PDF by “Printing” to PDF using the Mac print dialog box.
3). Pictures can be “dragged” into pages from other documents, applications, and web pages.
4). You can simply type in a web address and it makes automatic links.
5). You can use the format painter
6). Other good stuff… (see the release notes).

Why is all this “whoopie” about Microsoft coming from this Apple guy? Because the new CEO and management team “get it.” They are all about software and all about preserving the importance of Microsoft Office to the Mac community (pretty strong rumors about Office 2014/2015 coming this fall for the Mac).

Microsoft has been asleep for the past 10+ years. The new guy(s) “get it” and the “get it” NOW. Key an on of their stock. I bought it about 30 days ago (mid March) because of the moves and plans Microsoft has been making the past 90 days. Invest at your own risk!

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