Are smart watches really smart?


That depends… I’ve owned a Pebble smart watch for almost one year. It has been my constant companion everyday. It’s hung from my arm in the U.S., England, Ireland, Jordan, and Israel – pretty much everywhere. It has survived hot weather (+103 degrees) and cold weather (-25 degrees) in Michigan where we live. It takes a shower with me every morning.

Bottom line the Pebble has been a very reliable watch that is also pretty darn smart. The folks at Pebble have upgraded the Pebble OS several times in one year, and made “apps” available through their App Store.

During this one year time period there have been other “offerings” of smart watches from Samsung, Motorola and others. Soon, if you believe the rumors, Apple will join-in with a device that may ( or may not ) be called the iWatch. Since I’m an admitted Apple FanBoy I’ll rejoice if they do. You can count me in as being one of the crazies that line up at an Apple store hours before they open to be first in line to buy an iWatch.

My history with smart watches goes back about a dozen years. I’ve owned several of the beasts including a Microsoft “Spot” smart watch. A now long dead device that used unused FM radio signals to keep your smart watch “smart.”

So do you NEED a smart watch? Maybe. For me I can look at my Pebble and get a quick view of the time, day of the week, date, weather, temperature, next upcoming appointment, what the name, artist and album of the song that is currently playing on my iPhone and the battery status of my watch and my iPhone – all without pulling my phone out of my pocket. In addition, when my phone is in my pocket I can glance at my watch when a phone call comes in and see who is calling and either accept the call, or send it directly to voice mail. When I get a text or a news update once again I can glance at the watch and not have to haul my iPhone out of my pocket.

If you believe the trade news “wearable technology” will be all the rage over the next few years. Will it? Let’s see if Apple shakes up to marketplace this fall IF and WHEN they do. If they do at all.

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