Do we really NEED larger screen smart phones?

As a “geezer” (someone usually described as being 60+ years old) I have vision problems. Yes, I see my optometrist annually and wear progressive lens glasses (modern tri-focal’s).

But I’ve got to admit, that I’d rather read web pages, magazines and books on my iPad than on my iPhone. In this case (and I think all of us geezer’s would probably agree) that bigger is better when it comes to screen real estate.

Android folks have had larger screen phones for a couple of years now. There are – believe it or not – smart phones with screens as large as 7″.

Apple is “rumored” to have a 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhones waiting for us later this fall (usually September). If Apple had a waiting list I’d be on it for the 5.5″ model.

I’d like to get down to one device, rather than carry both devices with me most places I go. If there is a 5.5″ iPhone and it fits in my pocket – even if it costs an additional $100 – then I’m in the market.

I started out in 2007 with a 3.5″ iPhone, then got an 4.0″ iPhone when Apple introduced it in 2012. The extra 1/2″ helps but…

These tired old geezer eyes can’t wait for something pocketable that is bigger and easier to read – even if it does look funny when held up to my ear for a phone call!


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