Ordering a new iPhone 6…


Of course I don't NEED a new iPhone 6. I simply WANT a new iPhone 6. Now that we've got that out of the way here is my story.

With much anticipation (and a certain amount of frustration) I watched the Apple “Event” live on my Apple TV. I wanted to learn more about what Apple was introducing and I was not disappointed in the new technology, only disappointed by the broadcasting problems (video and audio) of the event itself.

As we all know by now Apple introduced two new iPhone smartphones, the Apple Pay payment initiative and revealed the new Apple Watch which won't be available until early 2015.

I decided to retire my old iPhone 5s and take a look at the new iPhone 6 which definitely has an appeal to “Geezers.” Why? Because the screen is significantly larger on both devices making it easier for old geezers to read what's on the screen.

The now “old” iPhone 5s and 5c had tiny 4″ screens (up from the previous 3-1/2″ screens of the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4.) The new and improved iPhone 6 has a 4.7″ screen and the iPhone 6 Plus has a jumbo 5.5″ screen!

Techno Geeks and Geezers can rejoice that both of the new phones still fit into pants pockets and into most shirt pockets – although you may have to remove your pens and plastic pocket protector.

There are WAY too many new features to list here… but to name a just a few – an improved camera and camera software, storage that goes all the way to 128 GB (1/10 of a terabyte in your pocket – egad's!!!), an NFC chip (finally) that allows for secure walk up and “beep” store payments, and much more!

My ordering experience was a little disappointing. Back in the old days (circa 2009-2012) Apple would announce the new phones, and then a few days later all of us crazies would head for the nearest Apple Store and stand in line for a few hours (my longest “stand” was from 6AM to 5PM – 11 hours!) just to be the first on my block with the latest and greatest.

Now Apple makes it much easier to buy and get. Simply use the Apple Store “App” on your iPad or iPhone and at 12:01 AM Pacific time (that's 3:01 AM my time) you can order from the comfort of your kitchen still dressed in your jammies. Last nights experience was a TRAIN WRECK! The Apple Store web site was up/down and really didn't launch until roughly 3:30 AM and within milliseconds they were sold out of virtually everything.

Being a techno-tiger, I tried AT&T (my carrier) and at about 4:15 AM was able to log on and order my new phone.

Which size iPhone did I order? A 128 GB, Space Gray, iPhone 6 Plus of course. These old eyes are really going to enjoy that HUGE new 5.5″ screen that barely squeezes into my chinos pants pockets.

A full report will be forthcoming when it arrives (sigh… 14-21 days from now).

Good luck with your order!

UPDATE: Yea! AT&T sent me a message that delivery times had improved and I should receive my order within the first two weeks of October, rather than the last two weeks of October.


2 thoughts on “Ordering a new iPhone 6…”

  1. I eagerly await your review of the product, big brother. I’m not in the market for a new phone yet…but I could use more storage for my massive collection of grandchild videos and pics. Apple Pay intrigues me, although I don’t really shop that much. But I do agree that a larger screen would be nice, sometimes.


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