The iPhone 6 Plus – Perhaps the best iPhone for seniors – EVER!


Kudos to AT&T for under promising, and over delivering. My shiny new iPhone 6 Plus arrived almost three weeks earlier than the original order confirmation said it would.

How do I like it? As Steve Job’s would have said… “magical”

Although it’s huge compared to older iPhones, it is so thin, rounded and lightweight that it doesn’t seem to be so large.

I bought Apple’s leather carry case which is buttery soft yet rugged enough to give you peace of mind in holding the iPhone.

The 5.5″ screen is phenomenal – so sharp, clear and easy to read everything from books to movies.

This iPhone has tricked me several times by making me “think” that I’m using my iPad! It’s that good.

It works with pretty much all my “toys” like my Apple BlueTooth keyboard and my Beats BlueTooth “Pill” wireless speaker system. AirPrint to my HP printer and AirPlay to my Apple TV all work great.

I love IOS 8 – and after a few automatic free software updates – all my app’s are working great.

Sure it looks a little strange when I hold it up to my head to make or take a phone call, but when you consider I spend 1% of my time on the phone, and 99% of my time using the phone like a tablet computer then I say “bah” to those that say it looks like a waffle when you hold it to your head.

Does it fit in my FRONT pants pocket? Absolutely! But than I wear Lands’ End “classic fit” (read loose fitting), and not “skinny” or “painted on” trousers. Has it bent or warped? Nope.

Could this finally be the device that makes me give up my iPad and Mac and carry only one device – well the jury is still out – but it’s gonna be close.

Thanks Apple, for making the perfect smart phone for senior geezers and geezerettes – the new iPhone 6 Plus. PERFECTO !!!

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