Apple and Hallmark TV Spots Share the Love…


I love emotional television commercials. As a former “ad man” (much nicer than Don Draper of the TV show “Mad Men” I’d like to point out) I love to watch TV ads.

My favorite commercials are sweet – like the Budweiser horses and dogs, or sentimental like Hallmark – especially the older ones like “The Piano Lesson.” Apple has always produced great TV spots like the “Mac vs PC” series, and last Christmas’ commercial that featured a young man who filmed a documentary of his families Christmas get together. This years spot features a teen and her grandmother – romancing about the grandfather.

Great commercials can produce emotions – laughter, tears, empathy, even commitment to a cause (think Marlo Thomas and St. Judes.) There are commercials that move children, teens, adults – even geezers like me (more of the grandpa and grandma generation who grew up watching “The Walton’s”.)

Great television spots can be done on the cheap, or can cost a small fortune. Some sell products, others sell ideas. Good commercials are so fascinating that we watch a couple of “Best Commercials of 2014” type television shows each year.

“Click” the links below for a little nostalgia…

Apple 2013 Christmas TV Spot:
Apple 2014 Christmas TV Spot:
Budweiser “Clyde” TV Spot collection:
Hallmark Classic “Piano Lesson” TV Spot:

Enjoy – Oh… and better reach for a tissue or two before you watch them!

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