I’m a high-tech geezer, in a low-tech world!



‘Cmon, you’ve gotta be kidding!

As we enter 2015 our world gets more-and-more high-tech. This is mostly a good thing. Smart phones, smart TV’s, smart thermostats – and even smart refrigerators make life a little easier for people of all ages.

We live in a world where design is king. Sir Jony Ives (knighted by the Queen of England no less) is the chief designer for all things Apple. Sir Jony has given us great industrial designs like the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook Air – and soon the Apple Watch.

Sir Jony obviously did not have his hands involved in the design of our new Amana stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator. While the Amana is good looking, functions well, has a great through-the-door ice and water feature there is just one function that is not “geezer friendly.”

When opening the refrigerator yesterday I discovered that the water “filter” alarm indicator had changed colors – from green (OK), to yellow (time to order a replacement.) OK, I’m the kinda geezer that keeps up with changing furnace filters, updating anti-virus programs, etc. How tough can this be?

I dug thru my paperwork to find the instruction booklet. Buried under a lot of gobbly-gook was the replacement water filters part number. Now to pick up one from Best Buy. Nope – out of stock. Let’s try Amazon. Yup – in stock and 38% off list price, free two-day delivery, and no sales tax. No wonder retail stores can’t compete!

So how does Sir Jony and Amana all fit into this story? Well take a look at the photos above. The top photo shows our beautiful Amana refrigerator. The photo on the bottom shows the location of the water filter. At the very bottom of the refrigerator, hidden beneath a plastic door. I literally had to lie down on the kitchen floor to open the door, pop out the water filter, and replace it.

Sir Jony would have rolled his eyes, Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave. How could Amana think anybody over the age of 60 (I’m almost 69) would lie on the floor to change the water filter? Would my mother or grand mother have done this? No! They would have paid through the nose for the parts and labor to have their “people” do it for them.

Bah! I hate to be a curmudgeon, but the filter mechanism could have been built into the upper portion of the refrigerator making it a project you could have done yourself (as a geezer) while standing.

My five star rating? *** Only three stars. Great looking, wonderful made-in-Mexico construction, poor “geezer” design.

Happy holiday’s Amana, from the iTechGeezer!

3 thoughts on “I’m a high-tech geezer, in a low-tech world!”

  1. Amen! Our refrigerator is that, too. It had to be a young person who designed that. Or someone who has “people” to do things like change the filters.


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