Ocean Cruising For The Tech Savvy Geezer


Well it is our last day aboard the Royal Caribbean ship “The Legend of the Seas” as we “glide” from the Southern Caribbean back to Florida. It’s been a great voyage – made even more fun with a little Apple Technology.

I thought that I would share a few techno things to help you on your next vacation cruise. The good news is that practically all my gear worked on the plane and on the ship. The bad news is that it is not inexpensive.

I brought along my iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, Pebble Smart Watch, Beats headphones, Sony Alpha 55 DSLR camera, a few cables and one power “brick” that had five USB outlets.

We flew Delta and in the United States most planes now have WiFi which runs about $8 – $10 for a 24 hour “pass.” Speed is acceptable, and reliability is very good. Royal Caribbean offer a variety of WiFi packages that averaged about $25 per day. Speed is pretty slow, and reliability was just “OK.” Don’t plan on streaming video (too slow.) Audio streaming was just “OK” with a few disconnects. Obviously email and “dial up type” web browsing were “OK.”

I took hundreds of photos with the Sony DSLR and the iPhone. I backed them up to my iPad (just in case…) using an Apple Lightning SD card (from the Sony) connector and used “AirDrop” to transfer wirelessly from the iPhone to the iPad.

Most of the island taxi’s and busses DO NOT have WiFi (where as the ones in Israel and Jordan DO have WiFi). Some of the coffee shops, strip malls, and restaurants have WiFi on the islands.

Before we left home I downloaded some music and a few movies to my iPad and that made travel time on planes, and quiet times on the ship enjoyable. I also downloaded a couple of books both digital and audio through Audible.com

I carried my iPhone in my front pocket (to avoid pick-pockets) and left the iPad on the ship in our cabins provided safe.

I must admit that I was amazed at the number of fellow passengers who used digital devices on the plane and on the ship. Mobile technologies have really caught on for vacationers.

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