Dispensing Technology Like Candy Bars




On a recent trip we went through the Ft. Lauderdale Florida International Airport. We saw hundreds of fellow travelers using all kinds of digital devices. High speed WiFi was provided free of charge and recharging stations for your mobile devices were everywhere – free also.

If you needed a new pair of headphones, or a USB cord or connector there were lots of stores waiting to sell you most any accessory you needed.

But what if your iPad just died? Or your Samsung phone took the plunge in the hotels pool? What were you to do to get your digital “fix” and rejoin the digital world?

No problem brother… just step up to the Best Buy digital technology vending machine and bring along your credit or debit card. Within seconds your card is approved and your chosen item is dispensed just like the Hershey bar in the next vending machine over.

Actually the selection was pretty good. Everything from Apple iPad Mini’s to Samsung Galaxy smart phones. Beats headphones, Garmin Vivofit fitness bands, Pebble smart watches and a couple dozen other digital goodies were also available. The prices were the standard store or on-line prices.

Of course no digital advice was “dispensed” along with your purchase, you are on your own. If Best Buy is successful what’s next? Amazon drive thru’s?Apple Store in 7/11’s?

Stay tuned – film at 11. “Dad, what’s film?” Sheesh!

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