David versus Goliath:  Who will win the smartwatch wars? 

Pebble Time Smartwatch
Pebble Time Smartwatch

You would have to be an underground coal miner not to have heard the gathering din about the Apple Watch.  The entire world seems to be holding its collective breath until 1 PM EDT next Monday March 9, 2015 as “all is revealed” about Apple’s new smartwatch.

Or, is there more to this story?  The only smartwatch that has sold over a million units (so far) is Pebble (www.getpebble.com).  This plucky little start-up company began selling its smartwatch about two years ago and at a current street price of just $99 has done pretty well – thank you very much.  You might remember that Pebble was the, “little engine that could,” when it began life as a kickstarter.com (www.kickstarter.com) project that was trying to raise a few hundred thousand dollars to begin production – and actually raised over $10,000,000.00 (that’s correct over ten million dollars) – making it the most successful kickstarter.com project – EVER.

Well, it was the most successful kickstarter.com project ever until last week.  This past Tuesday Pebble offered the new Pebble Time color smartwatch for just $199 (retail) and just needed a new round of financing on kickstarter.com for a crummy $500,000.  They reached that goal in 16 MINUTES!!!  As of today, Tuesday March 3, 2015 at about 10:00 AM EST they have raised over $12,000,000 (again that figure is correct) – shattering their old record.  On top of this they introduced yet another watch the Pebble Time Steel color smartwatch this morning.  Over 50,000 people have order the watchs which will not ship until April.

Apple surely is the Goliath in this little story.  The Apple Watch also ships in April and starts out at $349 and certainly will go higher depending on the case material and watch band(s) you order.  Little Pebble is the David in our story and will definitely have the “sweet spot” based on price.

The “war” of smartwatchs will continue and there will be more than one winner.  Apple is the most valuable company on planet earth – getting close (in 2016) to be worth a Trillion dollars.  Pebble is pretty small – but sucessful – because of price, design, reliability, innovation, a good eco-system and happy customers.

Apple is a publically traded company.  Pebble is not.  A lot of people are now looking at kickstarter.com as a new “IPO” company.  Our StarTrek personal communicators and Dick Tracy radio watches are here – any now.

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