Why we LOVE App’s so much…

Apple iPhone App Screen
Apple iPhone App Screen

People with smartphones, e-readers and tablets absolutely love their App’s.  There truly is an App for everything. Apple has well over 1,000,000 Apps in its App Store at iTunes.com.

App’s have been around forever.  In the “old days” (circa 1978) we used to call them “software applications”  for personal computers.  These applications were from major publishers like Microsoft, Lotus, Adobe, Electronic Arts and hundreds of others.  The prices for “software applications” ranged from $9.95 to well over $1,000.00.  We’re familiar with names like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and hundreds more.

With the advent of the Apple iPhone in 2007, and the iTunes App Store in 2008 “software applications” became “Apps.”  Apple decided to take the McDonald’s approach to pricing and most App’s were priced around $1.00 – $1.99.  Thousands of App’s are free – and yes some very specific business App’s cost hundreds of dollars.

App’s for smartphones and tablets are wildly popular because they offer specific functions like logging into your bank to check activity or electronically deposit a check.  Others play music, video and games.  App’s have become more powerful and sophisticated with each version “update.”  I have a Honeywell Lyric digital thermometer and a Honeywell App (free) that lets me see my homes current temperature and then adjust heating, airconditioning and humidy from anywhere in the world that I have an internet connection.

Newer App’s are “universal” meaning that they work on both your smartphone as well as your tablet – and soon on your wearable (like a smartwatch).  This also means that your FREE or $1.00 app will now work with your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for the low-low price of thirty-three cents per device.  Wow!

The only thing that bugs me (and it really does) is when people complain about the cost of an App.  If you spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, tablet, or digital watch – how can you complain about the cost of a $1.00 or $2.00 App that doesn’t have every-bell and whistle that you “demand”?

There truly is an “App for everything…”

Apple App Store icon
Apple App Store icon


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