Is The Apple Watch Really For Seniors?

As a “senior” who specifically loves technology I have been struggling with this question for the past few months.  It has come to the forefront this week when I received my new Apple Watch.

My wife (who is ten years younger than I am) likes technology also, but from a practical “need” basis, rather than a more passionate “want” basis like I do.

First of all let’s cut out all the marketing hype and say that for seniors a smartwatch is really a want more than a need. I “need” a smartphone to make and receive phone calls, text messages, email, check my bank account, and more.  If it were not for the phone aspect of a smart phone I could live with a tablet that does all the same things on a larger screen. The tablet also allows me to read books, surf the web, watch videos and read magazines with much more ease because of the additional screen real estate.  If I still need a computer device that is more powerful, has more storage space and can do everything a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet does I could buy a lightweight laptop computer.  There are dozens of really good choices in mobile computing devices.

If I were still working (I’ve been retired for two years) I could understand and appreciate the “need” for a smartwatch.  Imagine sitting in a meeting and getting an important phone call or text message from a client or family member. It might be embarrassing to pick up your cell phone to answer/read/reply to that call or text.  With an Apple Watch (or similiar device) you can unobtrusively glance at your wrist, and touch it to simply, and automatically answer with a stock message (pre-programmed) that might say something simple like “I’m in a meeting and will get back to you in the next few minutes.”  Very cool, and the right way to handle things.

Other things like checking the ball game scores, your stock portfolio, bank balances, current and upcoming weather, your heart rate, and much much more are all just a touch and glance away on the Apple Watch.  Remember that this is a first generation device – and like all Apple devices future versions will be smarter, faster, thinner, lighter and more powerful. Sure, you can wait for the Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch Air or whatever.  But if people didn’t buy the first generation there probably wouldn’t be a second or later generation (duh!)

Let me wrap this up and say – as a senior – you DON’T have to HAVE one.  If you love technology and gotta have the latest and greatest digital gadget (and I fall into this classification) than by all means goto The Apple Watch web site find out more, and order one.  You may have to wait a few weeks or a month or two to get the one you desire – they are pretty back ordered right now.

In just a few words I’ll say to you that my new “Apple Watch” (that’s one of three different categories) is Stainless Steel, with a black traditional leather band.  The fit and finish are perfect.  It is extremely comfortable to wear, and the software is 95% smooth and bug free.  I can answer and make phone calls from my wrist (it has a speaker and microphone), read notifications from news sources like CNN, USA Today and others on the bright, colorful and easy to read screen, get and reply to text messages, ask Siri just about anything – and she gives me the answer on the screen (she does not, however, speak (audio) to me at least in this version).

Is the Apple Watch a “looker” and conversation starter? Absolutely!  Is it interesting, useful and fun? Yup! Is it a “need” or a “want”? Definitely a “want” at this point.

And the last two things… the Apple Watch is not inexpensive $349.00 to $17,500.  And you MUST own an Apple iPhone 5 or 6 series.  Everything is set up and controlled from the Apple Watch.

If you are a senior or as I am – a senior iTechGeezer, and get an Apple Watch let me know what you think.  

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