Apple Watch: Real Pirates Ship! 


In late 1983 Steve Jobs told his Macintosh team that “Real Pirates Ship,” as the launch date for the new Apple Macintosh got closer and closer.  In fact the pirate flag shown above flew over the Apple “skunk works” building as Steve and his crew worked day and night to introduce the first Mac.  Steve’s point was that it’s great to imagine, design, and produce great computer hardware and software.  But it doesn’t really “count” if you never ship the final product to the end consumer.

I’m sure that Tim Cook and his Apple Watch team basically felt the same way as they pushed development, manufacturing, and testing of the first personal wearable computing device from Apple.

I’ve now had an Apple Watch strapped to my wrist for one month and two days.  What do I think?  Well to be honest (and I always am) it is a “good” device – one that can only get better with software updates and future hardware versions.  Am I glad that I bought a first edition Apple Watch.  You bet I am.  Are there problems with it? Yes.   Do I believe Apple will address those problems and “make it right?”  Absolutely.

I did not own the VERY first Apple iPhone in 2007.  I owned the second generation that was released in 2008 (and pretty much every generation since then.)  Even the second edition was pretty “rough” around the edges.  Apple has a solid record in improving the hardware and software of each of their devices on a once a year (or more often in the case of software) basis.

The current version of the Apple Watch is, IMHO, very usable and will get better over the next few months as Apple and developers release updates to their core software and “App’s.”  Apple WILL get it right.  I’m confident that there WILL be a second, third and other versions/editions in the futue.

It will be faster, thinner, lighter and have additional senors and hardware that we have not even “imagined” yet.  I can see the possibilities that the Apple Watch holds.

As the old sage saying goes… “Every journey begins with the first step…”  My thanks go out to Tim Cook, Jony Ives and all the Apple engineers who brought us the first – of many – Apple Watches to come.

Well done Pirates of Apple!

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