Digital Multitasking – A good idea for Seniors?


Digital  Multitasking
Digital Multitasking

Hip hip hooray for Multitasking – or not?

I was involved in marketing, advertising, and public relations during my 33 year career.  The variety of projects and the responsibilities they carried, required that I multitask to get everything done – on time and below budget.

The ability to do many things at once, often called multitasking, is easy when you are young.  However (IMHO) beyond age fifty multitasking is not so easy; it is tough and often frustrating.  You remember one thing, but forget another – actually get less things done.  There is definitly stress on your brain, as well as your body.

For me “in-line” (one thing after another or singletasking) is the only thing that works with my retired list of things to do.  Make a list, prioritize it, do the tasks one at a time, then check off each item.  I’ve been using this method for the past ten to fifteen years and it works for me.

So what’s up with Apple and multitasking?

Apple is about to become the problem.  In the newest version of IOS 9 (available this fall) Apple has added the ability on a newer iPad to split the screen into two sections.  This gives the user the opportunity to do two things at once – in other words multitask.  I’ve tried the beta version and it is a nice feature.  But once again is the feature worth the consequences of human memory splitting for seniors?  I don’t think so.

There are dozens of new and improved features coming in IOS 9 for iPhones and iPads.  Many of them make the digital devices better and easier for seniors.  I’ll do a full review of those features later this fall.  Mac OS X 11 also makes its debut and it’s better also.

Apple devices work together – that’s good!

Perhaps one of the strongest reasons that I think Apple hardware and software are good for seniors as that all the devices work in a similiar way.  Regardless if you use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch they all work in similar ways – and were designed to work side by side.

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