10 Good Reasons “Smart” Technology For Seniors Can Be A Brain Extender.


10  Good Reasons
10 Good Reasons
If you are a senior (I’m 69 years young) you may want to print out this article and give it to your adult children.  After reading it your adult kids might buy you an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android device for the upcoming holiday.

Bottom line for seniors… “smart” technology can help improve your day-to-day life.  

Here are 10 Good Reasons why this makes sense:

  1. Everything is in one place.  If you carry your device with you wherever you go – you will never have to remember passwords, PIN numbers, insurance policy numbers, friends birthdays – addresses – phone numbers and dozens of others things.
  2. Smart phones provide you with peace of mind when on a walk, or shopping, or other things if you should become disoriented or fall.
  3. Forgotten baseball scores, movie star names, finding hard-to-find products – can all be found with Siri or Google.
  4. Directions for driving, walking, biking or mass transit can be found, routed and give you turn-by-turn directions that are spoken out loud and visible on screen. The Apple Watch can even gently “tap” you on the right side of your wrist when it is time to turn right (and obviously left if that is the appropriate direction.)
  5. The newest version of the Apple TV, rumored to be announced next week on September 9th, can let you control the content of your television by simply speaking to “Siri” which is built-into the device.
  6. Tablet PC’s like the iPad, iPad Mini (and soon the larger iPad Pro) and Android tablets like the Samsung Nook series are great devices for book reading, magazine reading, audio book listening and social networks like Facebook.
  7. Millions of music tracks and thousands of movies can be rented or purchased and listened to or viewed on your device.
  8. Simple things like using your phones or tablets built in camera lets you deposit checks to most banks from the security of your home without having to drive to the bank.
  9. Barnes & Noble and Amazon both carry illustrated “how-to” books for seniors that help you learn your smart phone.  Soon you will be “smarter” about mobile tech then your kids or grand kids!
  10. Pew Research recently reported that seniors (age 62+) felt more “connected” and “more freedom” if they had a smart phone.  App’s like Facebook, eMail, web browsing, phone calls and text provide ways for seniors to stay connected with family members and friends.

In April of 2015 Pew Research reported that just over 27% of seniors used smart devices.  Empower your favorite senior with the tools they need!


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