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I’ve been a loyal Apple “FanBoy” for many years.  Each year I either sit in front of the nearest Apple store – waiting for the store to open, or in front of my Apple TV and watch with excitement all about the new products from my favorite brand of technology.

Since I’m also a “Geezer” being almost 70 years old, and the writter of this blog, how do I look at the product introductions from the standpoint of being a senior?

Here is a simple overview of the new products Apple introduced today and how they might appeal to seniors…

  • New Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus:  Although they “look” the same there are several enhancements to both hardware and software. A 50% higher resolution back camera – can now record 4K video for extreme clarity.  New 3D Touch screen that provides additional commands with a firm push on the screen (saves steps going from one menu to another.) You will be able to summon Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri” out loud without pushing any buttons. Higher resolution front camera will provide a crisper clearer FaceTime and selfie experience. Gotta love those 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens that make it easy for seniors to read. New rose gold color available.
  • New Apple iPad “Pro” and iPad Mini:  Seniors will love the ease of reading on the new 12.9″ iPad Pro. It has all the same features as the iPad Air 2 along with a new more sensitive touch screen.  New Apple brand keyboards – one that is stand-alone, and one that is built into a portfolio type case for easy carrying, and typing.  New Apple Pencil stylus for on screen drawing is optional. New IOS 9.1 software allows for split screen multi-tasking.  The iPad Mini 4 comes with the same software and an even thinner design.
  • New Apple TV video streamer: Looking for a way to “cut the cord” on cable TV?  The new Apple TV (now in its fourth-generation) has new hardware and software that almost gets you there!  New voice operated “Siri” hardware and software lets you control your TV experience by voice – or totally new and improved remote control.  Apple is also adding an App Store for the Apple TV with games and home control software. 
  • New Apple Watch Accessories and model: Apple is introducing several new colors of Apple Watch Sport watchbands and also a new yellow gold and rose gold finish that is reasonbly priced (considering that the “real Gold” Apple Watch prices begins at $10,000).
  • New Apple Operating System Upgrades: Pretty much all Apple devices will receive FREE software upgrades – Apple Mac computers, iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads and the Apple Watch will get upgrades. Some applications like Photos and Safari will get minor upgrades also.

For more information on all the new hardware and software click on the following link: Apple, Inc. web site home page

There is a reason I’ve stuck with Apple since 1978.  Continuity in hardware and software and the Apple ecosystem.  Apple products are designed to work together and represent good values in design, construction and after-the-sale support.

Am I an Apple share-holder?  You bet!


      1. I have the 6 Plus. Quite frankly I love it. Because I’m a little “stout” and wear classic cut (relaxed) pants it fits easily in my front pocket. Very easy to read EVERYTHING with my decreasing eyesight. Very easy to read books, some magazines, web sites, email and more. I bought the leather case from Apple which is soft, luxurious and easy to grip.


  1. Except for Ipod touch…the version that we have, no more updates, consequently I cannot use my banks app on it any more. Sigh…guess I will just use my Samsung Tab4…it’s been updated and works great. LOL


    1. Sorry Ramona about your iPod Touch. Apple supports hardware longer than most manufacturers. Banks and other financial institutions make frequent changes to software to keep your stuff secure. The Samsung is a great device and hopefully as an Android device you can keep the OS and individual software up-to-date for a long time. Tom


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