Soapbox: Sittin’ In Starbucks on a rainy Saturday Morning…



SOAPBOX*: OK, here’s the deal.  It’s raining, the dog kept me up most of last night, my local Starbucks opens at 5:30 AM on Saturdays, and did I mention it’s raining outside?

Over a cup of Caramel Macchiato and a sasuage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich I began to think about Apple and all the products I’ve seen come and go.

I really agree with the pundits that Apple rarely invents something new.  There were smart phones before the iPhone, streaming media TV boxes before the Apple TV, music players before the iPod and the list goes on. So why is Apple so revered?   What has made Apple the most successful and wealthiest company on the planet?

Three words:  Attention to detail.  From design, to engineering, to construction, to sales and after the sales service Apple has become the Porsche of consumer electronics.  If I were Sony, I would fallen on the sword when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 and declared that the company would slim down and focus on consumer electronics.  Sony, who has not had a truly innovative product since the “Walk Man,” has been on a downward spiral for years.  We won’t get into the Steve Balmer, Microsoft story today – I’ll save that for another blog post.

What other consumer “brand” has over a dozen magazines that cover the company’s products worldwide?  What other company controls which way the stock market sways each day?  How many Fortune 500 companies leaders are celebrated like rock stars on late night shows?

Therefore do I believe Apple is perfect?  No, far from it. They have had products like digital cameras, the Apple ///, the Apple Lisa, the Apple Newton, and a handful of others that just did not sell well.  Apple just has substantially more winners than losers.

I’ve watch a lot of my personal and business friends switch from IBM/Microsoft computers and mobile digital devices to Apple Macs and iDevices.  I’ve never seen the case where one of my friends switched the other way around.

Well enough of the Soapbox* for today. Hopefully the sun will come out, the dog will sleep better tonight, and Starbucks will reduce prices.

Soapbox* is a “from time-to-time” diatribe, designed to get stuff off my chest.  Thanks for your continued understanding.  It’s not easy being an almost 70 year old geek geezer. BTW I’m also an Apple shareholder – an darn proud of it.

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