The Apple iPad Pro… this bad boy is a super sized honker!


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

I was a little shocked when I removed my new Apple iPad Pro from the box.  The screen is huge!  But the profile is thin!  And for a mobile device that has a screen size of almost 13″ (the size of most modern laptops) it is fairly lightweight at about 1-1/2 pounds; pretty much the same as the original iPad 10″ model that was released in 2010.

Unboxing and Set up

If you are an Apple “FanBoy” – meaning that you have lots of other Apple products then the unboxing is pretty standard.  Sturdy box, nice presentation, all the necessary gear – Lightning USB cable, AC adapter charger, and of course the Apple stickers that  come inside the little getting started folder. I also purchased the Apple two-piece silicone back case, and foldable polyurethane front smart cover.  Not required, but a good idea to keep the device safe – both front and rear.

The set up went smoothly as I had previously done a full backup on iTunes of my old iPad Air (using the encrypted setting to ensure that all passwords, health data, etc were carried over to the new device.)  I simply powered on the new iPad Pro, and answered a few simple questions, and then it asked me if I wanted to set up the device as a new iPad or restore from an iTunes backup.  About ten minutes later all my user names, passwords, internet configuration, documents and apps (icons only) were on the new device.  The iPad Pro then checked to see if it had the current IOS version – it did not – so the device automatically downloaded the file and installed it.  The next  steps included verification of my Apple ID and setting up ApplePay with my bank.  The final step included downloading and installing all my apps with the current versions – this took roughly two hours over WiFi.

Here comes the “Good News”…

After just a few hours time I found that I liked (noticed I didn’t say love – yet) my new iPad Pro.

  • The screen display is fabulous! With over 5,000,000 (that’s millions) pixels of high-resolution retina beauty it is a wonderful treat for these senior eyes.
  • The four speaker sound system is superb! Easily the best speaker system I’ve ever experienced on a mobile device.  Loud, clear, perfect!
  • As Steve used to say “Wicked Fast!” Apple a9x processor.  Opens apps and switches between them very quickly and smoothly. 
  • The best movie and music experience on a mobile device.
  • For the first time digital magazines display at their native size.  I’m a real magazine lover and use the “Texture” app to view my magazines in glorious color and razor sharp text and graphics.
  • The split screen option on this device – which allows for two apps to be running side by side is awesome.  Picture-in-picture allows a third screen to play videos or broadcasts while typing up a document, or checking a spreadsheet or reading your email.
  • “Bigger” everything.  More screen “real estate” means web pages, photos, spreadsheets, newsletters, emails, games – EVERYTHING is just easier to view.

The little bit of “Bad News…”

  • The new Apple Smart Keyboard won’t ship for a week.
  • The new Apple Pencil (the worlds most advanced stylus) won’t ship for a week.
  • The iPad Pro is not “snugly” like the iPad Mini or the iPad Airs.  Meaning that it is a little big to hold for long periods on your lap or in bed – oh well you can’t have everything.

I’m planning on doing another blog post after Thanksgiving giving you my thoughts after a couple of weeks – including the Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.  Keep an eye out for it.

2 thoughts on “The Apple iPad Pro… this bad boy is a super sized honker!”

  1. Now don’t choke, Tom, but I’m using an iPad 2 (I think) that was my retirement gift, in lieu of the “gold watch” four years ago. I really appreciate your review of the brand new iPad Pro, since it just may be getting to be time to upgrade. I look forward to comments on the keyboard. If possible, please include your thoughts on, can the iPad Pro become my new “laptop”???:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul, yes I think the iPad Pro can be your new laptop as long as there is not a program that you use on a regular basis on your Mac or PC that is not available for IOS. I think you probably have an iPad Air 1 (as do I) if you got it a few years ago.

      I love a lot of things about the iPad Pro. The screen is beautiful, sharp, crisp and bright. The sound system (for a mobile device) is excellent.

      I hope to have the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil in the next couple of weeks. I’ll report back!

      Happy pre-thanksgiving! – Tom


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