Part Two: Apple iPad Pro review. Gotta Love It!

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WELL… I’ve been using my new iPad Pro for a little over a month so here is the follow-up review I promised you in my first review.


If you get no further than this paragraph I can tell you that it’s a great tablet – and for me a definite candidate to replace a laptop.  Add a keyboard and you are all set!

Here are just a few things that I think makes the iPad Pro “special.” –

  • Magazines:  Viewing digital magazines, especially through App services like Magzter, are absolutely stunning in landscape (horizontal) two-page mode. Super clear photos and text makes it just like reading a paper magazine.  Save a tree and go digital if you love magazines.
  •  Split-Screen: I’m using this feature right now as I type this blog (also shown on the photo above.)  The left side of my screen is using the app WordPress (my blogging software), and the right side of my screen is using Microsoft OneNote my note taking app that I have my blog outline on.  Both apps are “live” (multitasking) and easy to use side-by-side. Very handy for comparisons and reference work.
  • Apple Smart Keyboard: Was definitely worth the wait! Very usable.  Perfect full size key spacing.  Foldable stand for typing, viewing videos, and also protects the front of screen when not in use. Very thin (but yet sturdy) and lightweight. No need to pair or worry about battery charging the keyboard. Special magnetic connector handles charging and connection – very cool technology!
  • Apple “Pencil”: Again this device was definitely worth the long wait!  Comfortable “in-hand” to use for long periods. Works great as a simple stylus (especially if you have pudgy fingers) and as a drawing and painting tool in the growing list of apps that support it.  Although I’m not an artist, I am a photographer and use the Apple Pencil as a tool to help in selecting small areas for photo retouching and other chores.
  • Sound System: Apple really went all the way in producing undoubtedly the best sound system ever in a mobile device.  Powerful, yet clear, speakers on all four corners of the iPad are simply outstanding.  No matter which direction (orientation) you hold the iPad, the bass and midrange come out the bottom speakers, and the tweets come out the top speakers.  Now that’s innovation!
  • Power and Speed: Everything simply works faster on the iPad Pro. Opening apps, changing apps, split screen, games, video, all work at laptop class performance.  The new Apple a9x chip (the fastest Apple makes), more powerful GPU chip, faster WiFi, and 4GB of RAM and much more make this device truly a joy to use on an everyday basis.
  • Video: Better than watching a 13″ HD flat-panel television!  Great for bedroom, kitchen, workshop, porch, etc.  Use it to watch movies, YouTube, even network TV with the new CBS All Access app.

Finally… Are there any downsides?  After several weeks the ONLY thing I miss is be able to snuggle with it on the couch or in bed.  It just a little too large to hold for long periods of time. And yes it is a little pricey – but in my humble opinion is worth the money when you consider the features and technology.  Perfect for the artist, designer, wordsmith or aspiring business person.

Let me know if you have questions!

3 thoughts on “Part Two: Apple iPad Pro review. Gotta Love It!”

  1. First of all…Note to Santa…………… 😉
    Secondly, my “working life” entails using the Microsoft Office suite of products, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. How seamlessly would those work, if at all, in the Apple universe???


  2. Paul, Microsoft Office is available ON ALL Apple devices. The newest versions of Office are available. The cheapest way to get them is either a personal or family subscription to Office 365. With the personal subscription (about $69, but sometimes discounted to $49) you get one download to a PC or Mac and one active subscription on a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad. With a family subscription (usually $99) you get 5 downloads to PC’s and Mac’s and three subscriptions to mobile devices. Note that there are annual subscriptions and there is no charge for upgrades. Hope that info help. Prices include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, plus you some Skype time and also Microsoft OneDrive space.


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