A Tech ‘Happy New Year!’ Looking Backward, Looking Forward.


The Past Year:

2015 was a great year for Senior Mobile Technology.  Hardware became faster, easier to use and a little less expensive for some products.  Mobile Technology (smartphones, tablets, wearables) just keeps getting better with “smarter” and easier-to-use features. 

The “smartphone” (phones like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android (or Droid as it is sometimes referred to)) has really become the de facto personal computer.  A Personal Computer that we just so happen to be able to put in our pocket or purse.  The smartphone and tablet have really hastened the death of the desktop computer and laptop computer for Seniors.

Think about it, for what 95% of Seniors want to use a desktop/laptop to do – can now be done on a smartphone or tablet – that is always with us and always “connected.” Things like e-Mail, Facebook, on-line shopping, calendar, address book, telephone and a music and video player is what we do! Games? Ok, well then add in a game or two!  The point is that we no longer have a need for dinosaurs like desktop/laptop’s.

During the past year we’ve seen new hardware products like the Apple Watch (much more than just another-screen-to-keep-track-of), iPad Pro (a much larger almost 13″ screen that gives us a laptop form factor that only weighs 1-1/2 pounds), and a new 4th generation Apple TV with its own App Store, Siri voice commands and expanded storage.

I recently read where smartphones are now “hurting” the sales of high-speed home Internet WiFi because a combination of cellular 4G LTE and the availability of FREE WiFi in cities, neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, libraries and malls was so available.

The Next Year:

2016 is predicted to be an even more awesome year for Senior Mobile Technology. What’s the driving force? In one word: COMPETITION

Samsung vs. Apple. AT&T vs Sprint/Verizon,T-Mobile. Even Microsoft is beginning to turn the ‘aircraft carrier in the river’ around!  New versions of Microsoft Office for all OS platforms and the success of great hardware like the Microsoft Surface laptop/tablet have made for a great turn-around story.

Of course we will see new versions of the Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and other “Stuff.”  We will certainly be treated to new Galaxies from Samsung. And Roku, Apple, Google, Amazon and others will bring us newer digital streaming devices.

A Simple Conclusion:

I could probably re-use this blog page every December 31st for years to come. Why? Because (thanks to Moore’s law – look it up or ‘Google’ it) digital technology gets faster, more advanced, and less expensive year-after-year.

I’ll be 70 years old in May of 2016. Truly an old tech geezer.  But one who simply loves technology, and was fortunate enough to get in the game early (1978 Apple ][) and stick with it ever since.  A thank you also goes out to my very supportive wife (who likes technology, but is not obsessed with it.)

The iTechGeezer wishes you the best “techno” New Years Eve and a blessed 2016.  Thank you for your many comments, suggestions, questions, and “likes” on our blog and also our Facebook page.

– Tom Gordon, the iTechGeezer, December 31, 2015

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