Missing headphone jack? much ado about nothing!

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7

Much ado has already been made about the “missing” iPhone 7 3.5mm audio (headphone) jack when Apple introduced the two new iPhone 7’s yesterday.

Apple claimed that the reason they removed the jack was to make room for new technology in future iPhones.  I also suppose that the jack will be missing when Apple introduces new iPads in late 2016 or early 2017.

Sure, Apple saved a few pennies and gained a bit more room by removing the jack, but they spent more than they saved by including a set of earbud headphones with a lightning connector – and also included a little device that lets you continue to use your analog headphones by connecting them to the convertor and then onto your lightning connector.

Most folks would say that a digital headphone sounds crisper and clearer than an analog headphone.  So where is the harm or foul?  You can enjoy your new iPhone 7 with the included digital earbuds – or connect your existing Beats, Sennheiser, Sony, Motorola or other studio headphones to the phone with the included adapter. In addition Apple and Beats (owned by Apple) introduced new wireless headphones that can be used with the iPhone 7’s.  And finally there are dozens of Bluetooth wireless headphones already on the market that will work with the iPhone 7’s.  

Tell me again why you are unhappy?

Early on Friday morning (3 AM EDT) I’ll be placing my order for a new iPhone 7 Plus.  Am I disappointed that it won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Nope!

7 thoughts on “Missing headphone jack? much ado about nothing!”

    1. We are big boys and girls here – correct? We need to keep track of our stuff – including dongles and other connectors. You should see the tiny connector I have for my Apple Pencil. As an Apple stockholder I just love to see people being careless 😝 with their “stuff” (or Kits as the Brits would say.). If you can’t keep track of their dongle it’s only $29.95 to replace it. Ker-Ching! 😜


  1. Dongles, tiny connectors, kits…..thankfully, I have a “CommPilot” bluetooth gadget that connects my iPhone and iPad audio output directly to my hearing aids. Works like a charm (as long as its hanging around my neck!!!).


    1. Paul, yeah it is a confusing micro-gadget world we live in. Soon they will imbed Apple IOS chips in newborns who then will have iPhone screens that just show up in a corner of each eye. Or not. BTW I have Miracle Ear hearing aids and they came with a ComPilot wanna-be box. It lasted for two years, then died. The replacement was $400+ and I said no. When I replace my hearing aids in another couple years I would buy one of the newer ones with has the BlueTooth LTE system build into the hearing aids and the over the neck box is no longer needed. Apple has certified a number of these newer type of hearing aids with BlueTooth LTE.


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