Getting Ready To Move Our Electronic “Stuff”

Getting ready to move..

The big day is almost here! My wife is retiring in a few months and then we are moving a couple of hours away to our retirement home. As a techno geezer that means packing up fragile electronics and moving them carefully from one location to another.

Sure I’m concerned about moving our good china, furniture and 101 other things. We are using a professional moving company to move the big stuff, but I really prefer to move electronics myself. In all fairness I should mention that we move every few years so we have experience in moving household items.

Here are a few things about moving electronics that we want to pass on. Hopefully it will make your move easier and less stressful.

Before you move:

1. Use office supply “string tags” (small) to identify both ends of every cable on every electronic that has a cord or cable. Make sure you mark them like “Bose speakers – audio in” or “Sony TV – audio out.” This should help immensely when setting them up at your new home.

2. Use your smartphones camera to take pictures of your current cords/cables/Ethernet/USB/HDMI ports on the back and sides of your TV, computer, DVD player, stereo, modem, router, etc. A little work now, but a whole lot less frustration when you setting them up again.

3. Make a paper or computer list of your usernames, passwords, WiFi settings, and network information.

4. If you saved the original boxes (I do, don’t you?) use them to pack up your digital stuff for the move. If you didn’t use boxes use lots of bubble wrap (a much better – and safer – alternative then paper).

5. Transport small and medium size electronics in your car, van, or SUV. Large flat panel televisions are best in their original shipping cartons – or have the moving pros wrap and move them. Some moving company’s charge a premium for flat panel TV’s that don’t have the original box.

After you move:

1. Unwrap and place your electronics in the rooms and on the stands where they go.

2. Connect cords and cables per the “string tags”, photos and paperwork that you prepared above.

3. Recycle the boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials.

4. Relax and enjoy your technology in your new home.

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