About iTechGeezer

Wow, where do I start? I’ve loved gadgets since childhood. Of course growing up at the same time as Wally and the Beaver (late 50’s) means technology gadgets were pretty limited.

In 1978 I got rolling into technology by purchasing my first personal computer – an Apple ][.  Since then I’ve dabbled with pretty much every Apple product ever made including Apple ][, Apple ///, Lisa, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and now Apple HomePod.

Yes, I’ve messed with the “Dark Side” – Microsoft and Android, but I’ve always come back to Apple.

Thanks for checking out the iTech Geezer blog, share this link: http://www.itechgeezer.com and come back soon.

Best wishes – Tom Gordon – The iTechGeezer

4 thoughts on “About iTechGeezer”

    1. Hi Ned, actually it is my 45th post. To see the rest simply scroll “up” the page. It’s not something that I do every day, but when I’m in the blogging mood – usually once or twice a month, sometimes more often. There should be a “follow” button on the bottom right of the blog if you want to get notice when I post a new blog. TTFN. Tom


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