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What to do with your OLD smartwatch?

Watch Dog
Watch Dog

Well this is a dilemma, what do I do with my old Pebble smartwatch now that I’ve got an Apple Watch (Apple Watch web link – click here) on order?  I’ve always wanted a watch dog to protect my family and property but the fit of the Pebble smartwatch on Gracie isn’t particularly good.

I’ve had the Pebble smartwatch for about two years – and it has been a really good watch.  Very rugged, dependable, accurate, and long lasting (about 4-5 days) on a single charge.  I was one of the early Pebble supporters and bought it originally for about $150 (Pebble and others are now selling this model for $89 – $99.)  It was a little buggy at first, but Pebble has made many updates over many months and it has settled in as being a great – if limited – smartwatch.  On its easy-to-read black and white screen I can tell time, see notifications, text messages, the weather, temperature and who is calling me on the iPhone that is in my pocket and much more.  There is a good third-party market for Pebble accessories and, of course, a Pebble “App” store with thousands of apps you can add.

Pebble has just introduced (for May 2015 delivery) the “Pebble Time” a newer model with a color screen and many new features in hardware and software.  If I’ve been so happy and supportive of the Pebble over the past two years why, do you ask, did I just order (actually at 3:01 AM EDT on Friday, April 10th) an Apple Watch?

Because as an Apple “Fanboy” I bleed in six-colors (the colors found in the original Apple logo).  I’m a happy Apple stockholder and customer.  I’m looking forward to a watch that looks like a watch (not a tech toy).  I’m also excited about “possibilities.”  Steve Jobs (God rest his soul) built “possibilities” into every Apple device – and that legacy continues on with Sir Jony Ives and Tim Cook.

Apple took pre-orders for over 1.5 million Apple Watches over the past weekend.  Thousands of software developers are writing Apps for the device – even as we speak.  Hundreds of third party companies are designing and beginning to release accessories like portable chargers, watch stands, screen protectors, wrist bands that provide additional battery power and other innovative ideas.

Of course the Apple Watch is a generation 1 product.  Of course there will be an Apple Watch 2, then a 3 and so on.  Sure you can wait for the next generation that will undoubtedly be slimmer, faster, more powerful – but why? 

Do you NEED an Apple Watch, or any smartwatch – honestly the answer is no.  Do you WANT any smartwatch now?  If you love watches and technology now is a good time to invest in one.  Smartwatches are available from dozens of manufacturers like Apple, Pebble, Motorola, Samsung and others.  Some work with Apple devices, some work with Android or Microsoft.  The Apple Watch begins at $349.  Others begin at less than $100.