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Olloclip lens system for the iPhone X. Do I NEED my DSLR camera any longer?

Olloclip for iPhone X

Digital photography is one of my favorite hobbies. For years I’ve carried large, heavy, and unwieldy DSLR cameras around my neck. I’ve used Sony alpha series cameras and they have served me well.

Since 2007 I’ve also used the cameras in my Apple iPhone as a back up. The Sony has been used for “serious” shots, and the iPhone for “simple” (non-serious?) shots. Each year as I’ve purchased new iPhones the camera and software have gotten better and more sophisticated. My last couple of iPhones – an iPhone 7 Plus, and the latest iPhone X have included dual lens cameras. One lens is for regular use (sort of wide angle), and the other lens is for telephoto (2x) use.

The iPhone X camera hardware and software are so good that I have begun using the system as my primary go-to camera and photo editing “lab.” But I wanted to add a lens for every day and particular use – like super wide-angle, or fisheye, or even more telephoto and macro close-ups.

I think I’ve found the answer in a lens system called “CONNECT X” from Olloclips. Olloclips has made a snap-on lens for iPhones and some Android phones for the last five-plus years. I’ve tried them on older iPhones with some good luck, and some frustration concerning attachment and detachment.

A couple of weeks ago Olloclips sent me an email that they were releasing a new connection system for the iPhone X that was easy to use, aggressively priced, and flexible.

The Olloclip system is easy to use and extremely clever in its design. Each lens can be flipped and used with either of the back two Apple camera or the front camera. Using the Olloclip “Slim Case,” the lens holder can be easily attached or detached. Each lens is metal and glass. Well designed and sharp in their views.

I purchased the “Mobile Photography Box Set” for the iPhone X ($99.99). It includes three lens – super wide, macro 15x, and a fisheye. The set also comes with the easy-to-attach and use clip system for attaching to your iPhone X. In addition, I purchased the telephoto 2X lens which should make the iPhone X into a 4X camera.

Finally, I bought the “Slim Case” for the iPhone X for $29.99 which provides back and side protection for the phone as well as an oversized opening to attach the Olloclip CONNECT X system. Be aware the CONNECT X system does not work with any other protective case for the iPhone (even Apple’s). You will need to remove your protective case to use CONNECT X unless you buy Olloclip’s “Slim Case.” The good news is that most front screen protectors (I use and recommend Zagg’s “Sapphire Defense” extreme hybrid glass cover that has sapphire infused into the glass) can be used and do not have to be removed when using the CONNECT X base and lens’.

I could spend the next few paragraphs describing the photographic quality of each lens, and how easy it is to put on and take off. I could also show you dozens of photos that I, or others, have taken with the system. But I won’t. You can see lots of videos, before and after photos, etc. on the Olloclip.com website. Trust me this stuff is reasonably priced, built like a tank, cleverly designed, and easy-to-use. You can also go to instagram.com and search by the tag #olloclip to see photos made by Apple iPhone Olloclip users.

Part 1: The iTech Geezer and Hearing Aids

OK. That day has come. And gone. I'll admit it, I've needed hearing “instruments” (aids) for years. I know I have been missing out on conversations, TV and movie dialogs, the soft spoken voices of my grandchildren and much more.

There have been a lot of stumbling blocks that have kept me from getting HA's (as they say in the trade.) Stuff like – ego, price, and of course which brand and model is techie enough for me.

I've been an Apple “fanboy” since the Apple II. I've pretty much owned every Apple device from Mac's to Newton's to IOS devices. I'm used to paying the premium dollar for what I believe to be a technologically superior device. I've also owned and used a variety of Windows and Android devices.

HA's (hearing aids) cost anywhere from $29.95 (junk) to $7,500.00 (better junk). Don't even bother searching Google for “what's the best brand…” or “who gives the best service…” You will find dozens of surveys, reports, and curses from users world-wide. Most are unhappy with their brand choice and service experience.

No use complaining that your latest iPhone 5s costs $699 (and up) un-subsidized and that the HA's you are considering costs over $5,000.00 The HA service provider will tell you that the miniaturization of the device and programming and adjustments require the high dollar expenditure.

I rolled the dice and ended up buying the “best” device that Miracle-Ear currently offers. The device SEEMS to be very similiar to one that is actually made by Siemen's. Am I happy with it? To soon to tell – the jury is still out. I've only had it for a few days (less than one week). I like the local service provider. I've gone to a couple of meetings with it, a movie, to church and around home. My hearing is improved, no doubt about it. I'm about to have my first “adjustment” appointment. I'm looking at switching a couple of accessories.

Tune in a couple of weeks for “Part 2.” Feel free to submit your questions or personal experience with HA's. I'd love to hear them.



“Mixed” Technology Families

Digital life is not as simple as it used to be!  Many of todays tech families have a mix of Apple, Amazon, Android, Kindle, Nook, Samsung, HTC, iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

Apple, for what people consider a closed system, is amazingly open about what apps are carried in its “Apps Store.”  For example in Apple’s store I can find the Amazon Cloud Drive Photo app that lets me get to ALL my photos on any (and most all the rest) listed in the first paragraph.  But if I go to the Google Play Store or the Amazon Store I can’t find a iCloud app or an iPhoto app or other app that will let me access my streaming photos on iCloud.

Same thing with Amazons MP3 music store.  It’s available on Apple, but Apple’s iTunes music store is not available on Android, Kindle or Nook.

Amazon is making a huge push for cloud services.  Apple is too.  So is DropBox, Box.net and a dozen other cloud service companies.

Apple needs to develop Android apps (and probably Microsoft Mobile apps too) that allow its services like iCloud, iTunes Match, iTunes, and others to work.

Apple used to be the underdog.  Now its the fat cat.

Am I an Apple fan boy? Yes!  Am I getting more than a little concerned that they are loosing their technical and creative edge? YES!

Barnes & Noble Releases Nook Color Major Update!


Barnes & Noble announced and ** RELEASED ** a major free upgrade this morning that turns your Nook from a simple eReader to an Android Tablet PC with its own App Store with dozens of free and reasonably priced productivity apps, games, and fun stuff.

You can either wait for the OTA (Over the Air) upgrade which should automatically download and install over WiFi sometime within the next 7 days, or if you want it now you can download to your PC and side load it (instructions are on the B&N Nook Color web site).

At the amazing price of $249.00 this will kill the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy and dozens of other Android tablets just being released that all start at OVER TWICE THE PRICE OF THE COLOR NOOK!!!

You made the right decision buying a Nook Color and now your patience for waiting for the upgrade is available now!